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SportsmansInnLounge.jpg is currently undergoing some major updates (just like the bar itself).

Weekend pre-booking is recommended (0830235624); walk-ins are welcome where space allows.

Keep in touch at

Meet the Staff

Great bars are built on great bar staff and the Sportsman's certainly has that! They welcome you in (and back out again) with a smile. Check out the lineup...

Golf Society

The Sportsman's Inn Golf Society is open to patrons and non-patrons alike. It's some craic! If you haven't experienced the Yellow Jacket yet, you're in for a treat. Call in to join...

Darts / Pool Leagues

Darts and pool have a dedicated following in the Sportsman's. Whether you're a contender or just pretending, you're welcome to try your hand. 

On Tap

It's not all about the drink, but we don't mind if you disagree. When it comes to drink, the Sportsman's won't disappoint. Have a look at what's on tap. The fridge has a few surprises too.

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